June 1st #day1 #30dayswild ‘Magpie Moth’

I was watching the BBC breakfast news this morning and the cheery Carol Kirkwood was talking about the launch of #30dayswild, an initiative organised by the Wildlife Trust to promote the natural beauty that surrounds us that goes unnoticed. The idea of making time in the day to appreciate the natural world really appealed to me so I went online and ordered the #30dayswild pack and checked out the Wildlife Trust website for some ideas. I’ve also downloaded the app that contains ‘Random Act of Wildness’ prompts, I like the fact that these are as simple as drawing a wildlife map to going sea kayaking (think that’s a bit much for us!)so I’m really looking forward to the month ahead.

My aim for taking up this challenge and creating this blog is to document what me and my 20 month old daughter discover over the coming month. .           we started the challenge by stocking up the bird feeders for the hungry starlings and sparrows that visit our garden,they are costing me a fortune in bird food at the moment! 

Later, when I was doing the dishes, I noticed this handsome butterfly/ moth on my window frame. A quick google search later and I learn that it is a Magpie Moth. I love the bright patches of orangy yellow on the wings.

Looking more closely at the pattern on the wings I had the idea of creating an artwork as part of the #30dayswild challenge. My aim is to do an ‘inchie’ of embroidery every day based on something I have seen, I thought this would be a great way to get my stitching mojo back as I’ve been struggling to motivate myself of late!

Here’s square 1 -detail of a Magpie Moth: