June 14th #day14 #30dayswild ‘Orchard Wood’

We came to Orchard Wood in Rosyth for our walk today. This is a lovely spot just on the edge of Rosyth sandwiched between two main roads.About 2 minutes after this photo was taken I spotted a deer in the trees! It must have been watching us for a bit,no sooner had I made eye contact with it and gasped ‘niamh there’s a deer!’ It was off into the bushes. No photo I’m afraid but a moment that I’ll remember of my #30dayswild time.

Niamh with her gathering bag!

I realised that I’ve put loads of photos of niamh and the dog up and none of myself so here we are under a canopy of trees.

We found a pile of broken snail shells on the ground next to this rock, so I must investigate what bird prepares its food this way!

Loved the dappled light coming through the leaves

I thought this bark looked like braille, Ive got it in mind to do some more embroidery based on the woods so I’ll return to this tree.

Ive been reading about natural dyes so I started with something simple – red onion skin. I followed the instructions provided by http://www.folkfibers.com/blogs/news/6579481-natural-dyes-red-onion-skins Here’s the results,I like how each fabric has gone a different shade. I wasn’t impressed with the white thread but the rather grotty green yarn that I have a massive skein of (a random charity shop purchase) is now a rich brown.

Today’s embroidery uses 2 pieces of my dyeing experiments. It looks very sombre compared to the other bright squares but the day was filled with news of the horrific tower block fire in London so it reflects the mood of the day.