#30dayswild Finished Embroidery

Back in June I took part in the #30dayswild challenge by stitching an inch square everyday to represent the nature in my local area:

I actually finished and framed this back in September and it is now hanging in my dining room acting as a lovely reminder of the summer, which is extremely welcome as we head into the darkest days of winter!

Here’s a close up of the first 12 days:

And the next 18 days::

I do have individual posts queued up for each of the squares so I will post these at some point as well. 

I really enjoyed the  #30dayswild challenge, it made me more appreciative of the nature that is on my doorstep and it was a great way to introduce my little one to the natural world around her. We’ll definitely take part again next year and I’m planning to do some Random Acts of Wildness through the winter season which has its own delights to explore. I’m also thinking of doing an embroidery for each season so we’ll see how that idea develops.


June 12th #day12 #30dayswild ‘white campion’

Another roadside find on the way home from work. This flower caught my eye a couple of days back so I slowed my pace, scouring the bushes for a glimpse of white petal that wasn’t elder flower or what I think is cow parsley.

Looking at the photo of the white champion again I need to add a touch of green to the centre of the stamen on my square of the day:

I’m also very excited to have completed another row! 

June 10th #day10 #30dayswild ‘In the field’

Hooray its the weekend! We headed over to the big field behind the house to walk the dog, we picked up a pine tree branch and elder branch to wave in the wind on the way.

Child and dog let loose on the field!

The grass is just left to grow here and at the moment it’s filled with buttercups and cow parsley. If its possible to zoom into this photo you’ll see about 30 starlings performing a mini murmuration!

I love the open sky at the field, there are lots of swallows/swifts/housemartins (they move too quickly for me to identify!) so we spend some time watching their aerial acrobatics. We also spotted one of my favourite birds – an oystercatcher – flying over us. They’ve got such a recognisable cry and it makes me feel like a proper birdwatcher when I know that one is in the vicinity! 

Today’s embroidery is a sketch of the field:

June 8th #day8 #30dayswild ‘wavy hair grass’

It was election day in the UK today so I thought today’s #30dayswild theme should acknowledge this but I wasn’t sure how.I passed this sticker attached to a phonebox in Edinburgh which got me thinking how environmental issues did not appear in any of the main party manifestos (not that I’m aware of anyway,maybe I just switched off in the end!) I had a quick look at’Frack  Off’ online and its an issue i will be looking into more closely as this type of fuel extraction is proposed for areas bang on my doorstep. 

I took a moment on the way home to stop and get a photo of these beautiful poppies. They will forever be representative of the war dead which is sadly still the case.

I hadn’t seen purple poppies before and I didn’t know until today that purple poppies are used to remember animals that lost their lives in war.

My embroidery today is election based, it features a large green cross made from a stalk of wavy haired grass from my garden. The crosses are the colours of the political parties that appeared on my ballot paper.

June 7th #day7 #30dayswild ‘waterlily’

The clouds cleared by this morning so after a trip to the library we headed for the magnificent Pittencrieff Park or The Glen as it’s known to the locals. I love this park and could easily base the whole of my #30dayswild here and still have days to spare. I used to live a 5min walk away so for 10 years I was down here pretty much every day walking the dog. I’m here with Niamh at least once every couple of weeks and weather permitting we sit at ‘our bench’ in the Italian Garden and have a picnic.

From here we have a view of the ornamental pond and it’s a great spot for bird and people watching.

On the 29th December 2016 we were treated to the unexpected sight of a heron who stood for ages studying the water for signs of fish

Plenty of plant life growing in the pond today, the water lillies are appearing and I’m looking forward to seeing more appearing in the coming weeks, we even spotted a few fish in the murky water. They’re in there somewhere!

I know they are classed as vermin by many but we fed some of the resident grey squirrels with suet pellets I’d got for the birds at home. Here’s Niamh playing hide and seek with one of them!

We also collected some more goodies for the nature box:

Today’s embroidery is based on the lily pads, the base colour of the pads was achieved by rubbing a clump of cut grass onto the fabric then I added a layer of colour with pastel pencils: 

June 6th #day6 #30dayswild ‘Rain’

Today was all about the rain. It was pretty much non stop from Monday evening through to Tuesday night. It was reported that a weeks worth of rain fell in a single day which would explain this new addition of a water feature on Princes St in Edinburgh!

I got soaked on the bike on the way home, the upside was that I pedalled a lot faster and I love the sound of my tyres swishing along the wet tarmac. Another bonus was getting to cycle through a massive puddle! 

The closest we came to a wild activity was reading the aptly titled ‘Splosh’ for a bedtime story.

On the bus home and while I was doing stitching, I listened to the Radio 3 programme ‘Words and Music’ on the theme of clouds. I found it on the iplayer and it’s well worth a listen:


I’m more of a 6music kind of person so it was good to open my ears to a different genre of music, I thought this was very much in the spirit of #30dayswild – opening ourselves up to new experiences! I’ll leave you with one of my favourite passages featured in the programme from ‘The Cloud Appreciation Society’. 

Look up, marvel at the ephemeral beauty, and live life with [our] head in the clouds.

Many thanks for all the likes and follows on my #30dayswild posts and I hope to share more of the beauty of Fife with you in the coming weeks.

June 5th #day5 #30dayswild ‘New Growth’

Part of my daily commute is a short cycle from Rosyth to Ferrytoll Park and Ride where I catch the bus into Edinburgh. I’ve been doing this journey for around 18 months now so I’ve seen the new bridge rise up and across the river. Its an impressive structure but the resulting roadworks and infrastructure upgrade has seen a lot of the established bushes, trees and hedgerows torn up to make way for new roads.

Its been quite hard to watch this happen especially as this is where I spotted my one and only Bullfinch but steps are being taken to reintroduce trees to the area.

These tube wrapped trees are appearing everywhere along the roads approaching the bridge on both sides of the Forth, I can’t help thinking that they’re all planted pretty close to each other

There’s Oak, Pine and thistles encased in these tubes, I can’t wait to see them breaking free from the plastic cases! 

Today’s embroidery is inspired by these young saplings: